Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I'm having a hard time with this "blog thing" this week.  I am so not a "blogger."  I really wish there was any other way to advocate for these children because this blog thing isn't all (hint hint....accepting ideas).  It saddens me because people I hoped to help share the blog, who have a genuine love for these children, are not.  I completely understand if you cannot give or do not want to be hounded to give each week.  You may already be doing so- thank you!  Or you may truly have no interest or means to, and I get that as well.  I am simply asking you to share the blog so that if someone else is touched and wants to sponsor an orphan or donate to Uncharted, they get the opportunity. 

This past month we sponsored a new orphan.  We visited the Love Home in 2009 and adopted Aung Yun Tun.  I will tell you it is amazing to sponsor a child that you actually get to spend a week with.  He clung to Brock as if Brock was his biological truly brought tears to my eyes.  He was 6 years old but so little.  All of the orphans seem so much younger because many are malnourished.  Leaving him was the hardest part of returning home and we were so excited when we found out we were able to sponsor him and keep in touch by writing letters.  We found out last month that Aung Yun Tun's birth parents came back to the Love Home and he is now living with them.

I got an email telling us this news and that we could sponsor a new child.  I'll have to say thank you to Donna, for selecting a little girl who is Isabelle's age.  It is so beyond awesome to see Izzie make her pictures and to talk about her and pray for her.  I think she has told everyone but the postman about her "new sister."  At the risk of sounding seriously melts my heart.  

Meet Abraham..........

Abraham Oo
Birth Date
July 25, 2004
Arrival Date
June 28, 2010

Additional Information His parents are divorced and he stayed with his aunt and uncle until they could no longer care for him. He is a very intelligent boy.

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